7 Reasons To Add Water To Your Garden

Water gardening is our passion and we want it to be yours too. Check out our list of 7 reasons to add water to your garden below.


1. Beautiful sounds

Every water feature, fountain, waterfall or spitter will create their own unique sounds to fill your garden with. Relaxing in a garden with the sounds of trickling water is the perfect way to while away an afternoon



2. Invite in Wildlife

Any type of water gardening will begin to encourage wildlife into the garden, whether that’s a full blown pond or a free standing water feature. In summer months you could have birds bathing, frogs spawning and beautiful dragonflies scattering your garden. Perfect.

Frog in a pond covered in duck weedpond dragonfly

3. Enjoy the garden day and night

Lighting in water features, pond pumps and filters allow you to really make the most of the garden day and night. Create a beautiful atmosphere for a romantic anniversary dinner or keep your garden party going right on in to the evening, the possibilities are endless.

Romantic Dinner by the Pond   Liberty Octagon Terrace Pool at Night

4. Fish keeping

One of the most obvious reasons to have water in the garden is to create a space to keep fish. Fish keeping is an incredibly relaxing and rewarding hobby and fish are much quieter pets than dogs and cats! Maintaining the perfect underwater world for them is also a fantastic way to get yourself out in the garden all year round.

Blagdon Affinity Pool Window with Goldfish

5. Family time

Water in the garden is the perfect way to get the kids or grandkids out in the garden. Leave the screens and internet inside and encourage outdoor family time searching for insects, caring for fish and encouraging an interest in wildlife.

Family time at the pond

6. DIY satisfaction

With so many kits available to spark creative water gardening ideas, you can get a real sense of satisfaction designing your own custom water feature. Think up wild ideas and see them come to life. Your creativity is the only limit.

Liberty 180 Feature Pump, create your own water feature

7. Big or small garden, no excuses

Garden size is no longer an excuse for missing out on the beauty of water in your garden. It has never been easier to enjoy water features and ponds in gardens of all sizes so what’s stopping you?

Affinity Living Feature Pool TextalineLiberty Pump and Barrel Water FeatureLiberty Woodland Water Spitter - Rosie Hedgehog

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