Aquarius Wall Fountain

Water Feature

This classically designed, wall mounted, stone effect resin water fountain will brighten up any outdoor space and add soothing waterfall sounds.

Setting up and running
  • Freedom to instantly locate anywhere
  • Powered by revolutionary Lithium battery system
  • Able to run for up to a week without charging (2 hours a day) 
  • Remote control for 2/3/4 hour programmes or continual use
  • Quick to recharge battery (within 3 hours)
  • LED lights for beautiful night-time illumination 
  • Classic design to compliment any garden
  • Includes pump, LEDs, battery, remote control, charger and step-by-step set up guide
  • 3 year guarentee 

What's included in your Liberty Feature?

Your chosen design, plus...

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Liberty Features can be located almost anywhere. Select somewhere that you will get maximum enjoyment from the feature both day and night.

Ensure the ground is level. Remove the parts from the pack and check them against the parts list in your instruction manual. Assemble the feature as per the instructions and add water.

Select the time you want your feature to run for, using the remote control. See Remote Control page for further details.

If you chose to install the solar panel upgrade the running times will differ as the panel charges the battery, as well as running the feature. See Solar Panel upgrade page for more information.

See our How To videos for help setting up your feature.

Charging the battery:

To charge the battery, remove it from the feature, plug the charger cable to the battery and plug that into an indoor mains socket. The battery is Lithium so is quick to charge, in approximately 3 hours. For more information see the instructions that came with the feature.

Topping up:

As the features only hold a small volume of water the level will gradually drop due to splash and evaporation. It is important to check, and top up, your feature regularly to prevent it drying out. If the feature dries out and the pump runs dry it will cause pump damage.

Upgrading the Solar Panel:

Adding the Solar Panel Upgrade allows you to harness the power of the sun to run your feature. The unique ‘run and recharge’ technology, along with a Lithium battery, mean that, in good sunlight the feature should run continuously for many days, or weeks, without having to be charged. See the instruction manual for installing the Solar Panel to your feature.

Keeping the pump clean:

The pre-filter foam on the pump prevents dirt getting into the pump impellor and blocking the running of the pump. You should check and clean the pump foam occasionally to ensure it doesn’t block and slow the water flow down. Clean when the flow reduces or check every few weeks. It is also advisable, while you have the pump open, to pull out and rinse the impellor. See 'How to' clean the pump in the short video here.

Keeping the feature clean:

Over time the feature may pick up every day dirt and grime. Clean the feature by wiping down with a damp cloth or sponge; do not use detergents on the feature. If the water gets dirty, simply poor out and refill with clean water. If you experience algae on your feature and prefer to treat it, use a product such as Blagdon Feature Algae Control. However, if you prefer to treat the water with something wildlife and pet friendly, then use a product such as Blagdon extract of Barley Straw which reduces cloudy green water, cotton wool, and filamentous algae.

Running from mains power:

Although the Liberty Features are designed as cable-free, they can also be run from mains power. See diagram below. If the low voltage, 5m charger cable does not reach your socket, you can use a Liberty mains extension cable, available as an accessory. If you run the feature from an indoor power socket you can add a timer to the plug which will give you the option to run the feature when you desire. See ‘Extending the mains and solar cable’ video.


Aquarius Wall Fountain

Technical data

  • DC 5 - 8.0 Volt Low Voltage
  • 1.25 Watts. LED 0.15 Watts
  • 180 ltr/hr (48gal/hr)
  • 1.25mm (4'1*) max head
  • 50cm low voltage cable for pump
  • 40cm low voltage cable for remote control receiver
  • 60cm low voltage cable for LED lights
  • 5m low voltage cable for battery charger
  • CE approved IP68 

Pack dimensions

90cm (H) x 51.5cm (W) x 34.5cm(D)

Feature dimensions

76cm (H) x 44cm (W) x 28cm (D)

8 litres (1.8 gallons)

Mains Free

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