Feature Algae Control

Fast and effective treatment to clear green water, slime and blanketweed

Fast and effective treatment to clear green water, slime and blanketweed

Setting up and running

Feature Algae Control has been specially formulated to reduce unsightly algae in free standing water features. Effective against green water, blanketweed and slime. 

This treatment should be used monthly to prevent build up of algae and keep your water feature crystal clear

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NOTE: Feature Algae Control is toxic to aquatic life so should only be used in free standing water features which do not use a pond as a water source. The product may also cause damage to plants present in treated water features.

1. If you have an exisiting algae problem, empty the feature and thoroughly scrub the feature, pump, plants and rocks

2. Calculate the volume of your water feature

3. Shake bottle well. Remove dosage chamber cap and foil seal. Squeeze the bottle until the chamber is full.

4. Add to a bucket of water a 1 x 25ml dosage chamber full for every 62.5 litres (13.75 gals) of feature water to be treated. Mix well and distribute evenly over the water surface.

5. Dose every 2 weeks for the first month then re-dose once a month

Keep out of reach of children

Dispose of this material and its container in a safe way, do not allow the treatment to enter the environment.

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