Feature Lavender Scent

A tranquil lavender aroma for your water feature

Keep your water feature smelling beautiful all year round with Feature Lavender Scent

Setting up and running

Add Feature Lavender Scent to resin, stone, metal and concrete water features to create a tranquil and relaxing environment in your garden all year round

Available in 125ml tub


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1ml of Feature Lavender Scent for every litre of water in your feature

Shake bottle well and add 1 full cap (25ml) as and hwne required into a 25 litre water feauter. Use one inner cap (5ml) for 5 litre fountains.

Do not use in water features which are intended to attract wildlife. Not for use in water features containing fish, Rapidly flowing water features and over odsing may cause excessive foaming for a period of time. If this occurs we recommend reducing the dose by 50%. After use we advise doing a 75% water change. 


Store in a well ventilated area and keep cool, away from direct sunlight and locked up. Keep out of reach of children

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