Pond Oxygenator

Pulse Air Pump

Solar powered with a battery back up. Increases oxygen when its needed most

Liberty Pond Oxygenator Solar Powered, Lothium Battery Back-up

Setting up and running
  • Cable free running pond aeration
  • Increases oxygen when needed most

Why add an oxygenator?

Fish and other pond life require oxygen rich water to remain healthy. Oxygen levels drop during hot sunny weather. The Liberty pulse oxygenator creates circulation that introduces oxygen to your pond environment, when it's needed most.

A solar battery air pump provides additional aeration, or if a water pump is not fitted, or when fountains and waterfalls are not running.

Solar, Lithium Battery back up. How does it work?

Sunlight hitting the solar panel produces more power than the air pump requires to run, the excess power is stored in the lithium battery. 

When the solar panel is not recieving light the stored back up power in the battery is released to run the air pump. In this way near continuous running is achieved, even in British weather. 

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Step 1: Assembly of Solar Air Pump

Feed the air line through the hole in the foam float then connect one end of the air line to one outlet of the air pump, connect the other end of the air line to the air stone. Repeat above assembly for the other outlet. Connect the air pump to the solar panel with the provided cable.

Liberty Pond Oxygenator - Setting Up the Air Pump

Step 2: Installation of Solar Panel

Join the bracket, tube and ground spike together and then attach the solar panel to the bracket. Slide the bracket into the bracket slot in the backside of the solar panel. A wall mounting bracket with 3pc wall mounting screws are included in the pack. You can install the solar panel onto the wall/fence (see fig.2)


Make sure you position the solar panel to face south as much as possible to make the most of the daylight hours. It is important to angle the solar panel to face the sun when it is at this highest point. Ensure the solar panel is not shaded by trees, shrubs or buildings. 

Liberty Pond Oxygenator - Installing the Solar Panel

Step 3: Installation of Air Pump

Install the pump in a dry place. Although the air pump is designed to be rain proof, we recommend to place the air pump in a dry weatherproof covered area. 

We recommend to place the pump on an area of dry land above the pond water level to avoid back siphoning of the pump water into the air pump. The pump should be located on a firm surface that will not vibrate and act as a sounding board, a concrete floor or patio slab is ideal.

Position the pump in a clean and dust free environment. Excessive dirt will block the air filter reduing the air pump's performance and speed the wear of replaceable parts.

Step 4: Function of Product

After you have assembled the air pump and solar panel, your air pump will begin to work as soon as the solar panel recieves direct sunlight, or when the back up battery has enough charge.

This solar panel air pump is designed mainly for use in Summer but will also work in Spring and Autumn as long as the sunlight is strong enough in your region. The solar powered air pump, in common with all solar powered air pumps, needs good direct sunlight to drive the pump and charge the backup battery. This pump's performance depends on the orientation of the solar panel toward the sun and the strength of sunlight. 

Solar Powered Pulse Timing Function:

The product is designed to work at a pulse timing mode of approximately 5 seconds on and 12 seconds off as long as the pump is connected to the solar panel, and the battery has recieved enough charges from the solar panel. The pump will shut down to save the battery when night falls, and will restart when the sun rises in the follwoing morning.


Step 1: Replacing Battery

 The rechargeable battery will become less efficient with repeated charge and discharge cycles. The capacity of the battery may also reduce over time, therefore it is advised to replace the battery every 12 months as a minumum or more frequently depending on daily using conditions.

1. Remove the base screws from the pump base.

2. Slightly remove the pump cover lid

3. Slightly disconnect the battery lead from the pump cover lid, then remove and replace the battery

Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 in reverse order to assemble.

Tools Needed:

Small sized Philips head screwdriver.

Dispose of old battery according to your local regulations, recycle when possible


Only an original battery should be used for replacment as other alternatives may damage the product and will void the guarantee. 

Liberty Pond Oxygenator - Replace Lithium Battery

Step 2: Replacing Diaphragm/Flapper Valve

Diaphragms are perishable rubber parts that have a limited life splan, they may become worn over time. The worn diaphragms will reduce the pump performance, causing noises and finally stop the pump from working. You may need to chek and replace the diaphragms after 12 or 18 months use. 

1. Remove the base screws from the pump base.

2. Slightly remove the pump cover lid

3. Disconnect the battery's lead and motor's lead from the PCB in the pump cover lid.

4. Remove the outlet cover screw from the outlet cover, then remove the outlet cover, foam seal and O-rings.

5. Remove the chambers and the diaphragms with magnets from the chamber brackets, it may need some force to remove them.

6. Remove the diaphragms from the chambers and replace the diaphragms.

7. Or replace the chargers with the flapper valve inside.

Repeat above 7 steps in reverse order to reassemble. 

Tools needed:

Small sized Philips head screwdriver. 

Liberty Pond Oxygenator - Replacing the Diaphragm and Flapper Vavle

Step 3: Replacing Air Intake Filter

The air intake will become blocked and start to reduce the performance of the pump over time, therefore it is necessary to check it frequently and replace it when you find it blocked or dirty.

1. Simply remove the air intake cover in rear of the pump base.

2. Remove and replace the air intake filter

Repeat step 1 and 2 in reverse order to reassemble

Liberty Pond Oxygenator - Replacing Air Intake Filter

Accessories and Technical Data

  • Solar panel 0.8 watts
  • Air pump pulse 5 seconds on 12 seconds off
  • Max flow rate 60lph
  • Lithium battery 3.7V (800 mAH)
  • Two air stone floats
  • Two air stones
  • Solar panel ground spike and wall mounting fittings
  • Cable 5m

Winter Protection

Indoor storage is recommended in winer.


The temperatue range within which the battery can be re-charged is 0℃ to 45℃. Charging the battery at temperatures outside of this range may cause damage to the battery or reduce the battery life span.


In order to keep the battery healthy during storage in winter, please make sure the battery is re-charged before you store it indoors. 

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